Professional and Affordable Roofing Services in Hartlepool

Roofing Hartlepool has its own steel fabricator and sheeting supplier, who offer them huge discounts which are not available to general trade. These discounts are passed on to our clients, making Roofing Hartlepool one of the most cost effective roofing and cladding companies in the UK. We don't skimp on the quality of our materials and we only put a small mark on our buildings as the majority of our revenue comes from the erection and cladding of the buildings.

All materials carry extensive warranties and all labour is guaranteed!

The managing director of Roofing Hartlepool believes in the personal approach -

  • "I believe in the personal touch, so every project that is taken on board is solely overseen by me. Too many companies take on board a project and then hand it down to their sub ordinates once the contract is signed, this is a policy that I strongly disagree with. I aim to provide my clients with the peace of mind that their project will be carried out from start to finish with my personal assurance."

At Roofing Hartlepool, we will work with the client until they are completely satisfied with the options offered to them. Samples of products can be readily attained for you to inspect.

We offer a first rate service and we WILL save you money!

You will find that when you place your order with Roofing Hartlepool, the cost is not the only main benefit you will receive. Our service and support are some of our main strengths. We operate an open door and transparent policy. Unlike other companies, where you have to pay for your product before arrival, at Roofing Hartlepool you only pay for the product on arrival. We let you inspect the product, make sure you are happy with everything, if you are not then we will return the product and this will be at no cost to you. How much fairer can you get? Our availability will tempt you to try us out. If you feel you would like to find out more, then please view the rest of our website or alternatively contact us.

We are a CITB registered company (000175495) and we believe there is no substitute for quality.

All of our operatives and labourers carry CPCS cards or IPAF cards with a picture of them on the card along with the registration number.

The construction industry issue cards to trained operatives and no one should be trading without having the necessary skills card required. Each operative working for Roofing Hartlepool holds the relevant cards needed to carry out all projects we undertake.